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Niels  Harrit Chemist Nanothermite Used on 9/11
Jon  Cole Engineer The Scientific Method
Stephen  Dusterwald Engineer Ductility in Structural Steel
Tony  Szamboti Engineer WTC7
Jon  Cole Engineer Chemical Explosives Used on 9/11?
Tony  Szamboti Engineer Destruction of WTC 1 & 2
Jon  Cole Engineer Dust, Heat and Molten Iron on 9/11
Leroy  Hulsey Engineer Did WTC7 Collapse Due To Fires?
Eric  Lawyer Fire Fighter Firefighters For 9/11 Truth — Fire or Explosives
Graeme  McQueen Professor Witnesses to Explosions on 9/11
David  Chandler Teacher WTC7 Freefall?
David  Chandler Teacher WTC Demolition or Collapse?
David  Chandler Teacher 9/11 Lateral Ejections